Real Estate: Buyers and Sellers

Our firm understands the often times “hectic” nature of the home buying and selling process. We focus our efforts on giving our clients the individual attention and service that their transaction deserves. We offer the following services to our real estate buyer and seller clients:

“Early intervention” home buying or selling counseling

If you are considering buying or selling real estate it is never too early to contact our firm to discuss the process with one of our experienced attorneys from both a legal and practical point of view.

Offer to Purchase drafting, review and negotiation

Our firm can assist our clients by either drafting or reviewing an offer to purchase and negotiating the terms of the offer if necessary to ensure their legal interests are protected from the outset of the transaction.

Purchase & Sale Agreement drafting, review and negotiation

We assist our clients by drafting, reviewing and negotiating these final terms of their real estate contract to ensure their interests are adequately protected and they understand their legal rights and obligations in the transaction.

Closing performance, attendance and representation

Our firm conducts and attends closings throughout Massachusetts and will travel wherever and whenever is necessary to make sure the closing is as convenient as possible for our clients. Our experienced real estate attorneys focus on providing our clients with a professional and efficient (and hopefully stress-free!) closing table experience.

Title searches and examinations

Our firm performs real estate title searches and examinations whenever we are selected by a buyer or buyer’s lender to perform as the closing attorney for the transaction. We have extensive experience with many different types of title issues and work with our clients to find the most efficient and effective solution to the issues so that their transaction can proceed smoothly.

Title insurance policies and services

Our firm issues owner’s title insurance policies to home-buyers that protect our clients’ legal interests in their new home. Title insurance is an often mentioned, but rarely understood, insurance that helps protect a homeowner’s legal title to the property.

Please contact us to learn more about our services for buyers and sellers.